Time Enigma

Note: This footage is from early on into development.
Note: This footage is from early on into development.

Project Details

  • Engine: Unity
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Team: 4 Programmers, 3 Designers, 4 Artists, 2 Producers
  • Length: 2 months
  • Roles: Generalist & Graphics programmer
  • Dates: 04/05/2020 - 26/06/2020


On Time Enigma I initially took up the role of Graphics Programmer, however my focus soon shifted to more general and gameplay oriented tasks. I implemented the camera behaviour as well as the "points of interest", which allow the player to interact further with objects in the scene. These "interactables" are a polymorphic system for which I wrote the base interfaces and early, initial implementations.


I also created the system for handling the level transparency to prevent obstructing the player's view. I first attempted to do this with a shader manipulating the stencil buffer, however this ended up not being needed and was scrapped for a system that detected which walls were obstructing the player's view, and handling transparency accordingly.


I was also responsible for a lot of mobile testing and QA and did a lot of generalist work among which were many bugfixes.


This was the first new project I joined  since the COVID-19 lockdown started, and saw me and the team exclusively work from home for the first time. 


Time enigma is a type of point-and-click puzzle game for mobile. The goal is to solve your cat's death by traving through time to figure out the cause of death and prevent it from happening.