Chained: Lycaon's Curse

Project Details

School Project

Engine: Unity3D

Language: C#

Platform: PC

Team: 4 Developers, 5 Artists

Length: 9 Weeks

Roles: AI/enemy programmer

Date: 11/02/2016 - 30/03/2016


An extremely old game made in about 1,5 months. I was mainly responsible for the enemy behaviour. That being the barbarian enemies wandering through the level, as well as the boss' attacks and patterns. The spears thrown by the enemies can also serve as platforms when stuck into a wall, which I was also responsible for. I also worked on general things and marks a lot of first-times for me in using Unity.

Compared to what I would go on to make in later years it was an extremely simple project. Still though I think that for the time things went pretty good. It was an interesting experience. It's a 2D platformer loosely inspired by classic Castlevania games . It features a large level with collectibles and enemies scattered throughout. The player does about what you would expect, but is also able to transform into a wolf-form which grants them the ability to attack as well as more horizontal agility via much higher movement and air speed.