Astral Assault

Project Details

School Project

Engine: Unity3D

Language: C#

Platform: PC

Team: 2 Developers, 2 Artists

Length: 4 Weeks

Roles: Lead Game programmer

Date: June 2016


One of my most successful projects with a great team. This was one of the two games made for the "AIM" projects in college. We where free to choose what kind of game we wanted to make and quickly agreed to make a 3D space shooter.


You fly a space ship in a 3D enviornment loaded with turrets that will try to shoot you down before you can get to the core of a space fortress which you must destroy.


You can take a high route which is stuffed with turrets or you can take a lower route and fly through the buildings, almost invoking a Star Wars trench run feeling.


I was mostly responsible for the ship's movement, turrets and camera tracking but worked on a lot of other parts as well.